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Perfect Auditing UAE work on a collaborative basis, subject to local applicable laws. Collectively, we are looking to have around 100 partners and a strength of around 1,000 people.

Providing organisations with the advice they need, wherever they may be located. Our highly qualified, experienced professionals listen to different points of view to help organisations solve their business issues and identify and maximize the opportunities they seek. Our industry specialization allows us to help co-create solutions with our clients for their sector of interest.

  • What is the Perfect Auditing Experience?

    Globally, Perfect Auditing is the leading professional services firm – but what distinguishes us from other firms? The Perfect Auditing Experience is our commitment to maintain those distinctions through building relationships and creating value. The Perfect Auditing Experience encompasses four distinct behaviors which are exhibited in our daily interactions with both our clients and our employees.

  • The Perfect Behaviors

    • Invest in teams/client relationships
    • Share and collaborate
    • Put ourselves in our clients' and each other’s shoes
    • Focus on client value and on enhancing the value of our people

Our Services

Perfect Auditing provides industry-focused services for public and private clients. Our experienced staff, combined with our global network, allow us to provide the support you need—wherever you need it, at home and abroad, whatever the size of your organization.

  • Internal audit in the public sector: The quiet revolution

    The role of internal auditing can be identified as involving three main elements evaluation and improvement of risk management, control and governance processes. Auditors use tools such as financial audits, performance audits and investigative and advisory services to fulfill each of these roles. ECM Article : Internal audit in the public sector

  • IFRS: the ultimate choice of the accounting world or will the “IASB” march to a different drummer?

    While the accounting world may have reason enough to rejoice at the prospect of finally being able to sing the “one world, one music” accounting standards tune, there are some who still have doubts about the commitment of the U.S. to allow that to happen soon.

  • IAS Plus

    A free, comprehensive online resource covering the International Accounting Standards Board and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Advisory Services

Capital Markets
• Achieving Public Listing & Beyond
• Global Capital

Markets Mergers and Acquisitions
• Deal Making
• Due Diligence
• Growth Strategy
• Market Study & Commercial
• Due Diligence
• M&A Accounting Advisory
• Post-Deal Integration
• Valuation

• Corporate Performance
• Management
• Improving Business
• Performance
• Finance Function
• Effectiveness
• Outsourcing & Shared Services
• People & Change
• SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance
• Technology Challenges

Corporate Simplification

Risk Management
• Business Recovery Services
• Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support
• Forensic Technology Solutions
• Governance, Risk & Compliance


Capability and Training

Assurance Services

Accounting Advisory
Assistance on capital market transactions
Financial statements audit
Regulatory compliance & reporting
Accounting Advisory
Budgeting and Financial analysis


Perfect is one of the more professional firms in UAE. The depth of our industry expertise, like our international perspective, is an attribute that our clients value highly. We organize around industries to share the latest research and points of view on emerging industry trends, develop industry-specific performance benchmarks based upon global best practices, and share methodologies and approaches in complex areas such as financial instruments.

In an environment of heightened risks, and market and regulatory pressures, the winners will be companies that can turn challenges into opportunities to build stronger and more enduring customer relationships; sharpen process efficiency; unlock talent and creativity; use improved risk management processes to deliver more sustainable returns; and use new regulatory demands as a catalyst for strengthening the business and enhancing market confidence.
The interface between the public and private sectors is an area of great opportunity and innovation. It is now globally recognized that much can be achieved through using private finance for investment in strategic industries that have traditionally been funded through the public purse.

Across the region, economic and social infrastructures are being upgraded or renewed to foster greater economic growth and meet increasing user expectations. Achieving the necessary provision of infrastructure supply will require staggering expenditures. In the short term, governments are unable to provide the funding necessary to meet these targets. This has created the need for private sector capital, which in turn presents significant opportunities for profitable private sector investment.
As margins are squeezed in the face of increasing competition and the cushion of investment returns begins to shrink, insurance companies are looking to sharpen underwriting, cut overheads and reduce claims leakage.
Against a background of increasing regulation and continuing financial market volatility, investment managers are facing mounting competition from foreign rivals and new entrants.
The oil and gas industry has undergone substantial reform and accounting standards have improved in an attempt to stabilize and strengthen the markets following the Asian financial crisis.

The resultant deregulation and privatizations have, in turn, created opportunities for foreign and domestic investments. Despite the great potential the industry holds, a failure to comprehend the intricacies of the social, political and economic diversity of countries in the region can very well translate into failure for companies hoping to profit from producing and supplying energy.
Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are among the most analysed and evaluated organisations in business today. In recent years, profitability has been lagging as many companies have been unable to sustain the robust growth that was once a hallmark of the industry. Thinning pipelines, growing generic competition, and skyrocketing operating and marketing costs are among some of the industry’s main concerns.
From non-control development capital to traditional management-led buyouts of private companies, PE investment has emerged as an increasingly important source of capital and value creation within the global economy. To date, the PE sector has enjoyed a good run – spurred by growth in fund size, low cost of borrowing and impressive return on equity. However, the improved economic outlook and an influx of fresh capital have generated increased competition for good quality investments, while the growing size and complexity of many PE operations have created their own risks and demands.
Retail and consumer product (R&C) companies face many challenges in today’s competitive climate. In mature markets, R&C companies are constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a result of a deflationary operating environment, market saturation, slowing population growth, and more discerning but less loyal consumers. Adding to the pressure is the emergence of alternative sales channels, a blurring of roles between suppliers and retailers, and a shift in the balance of power to retailers.
With the prevalence of devices that comprise mobile telephony, computing, TV and audio capabilities, consumers and businesses are pushing hard and fast to embrace convergence of technologies. A Perfect Auditing analysis reveals a dramatic rise in total spending across the converging sectors: communications, entertainment, and technology, creating a burst of innovation.
Due to globalization, declining trade barriers and an increasingly mobile workforce, the transportation and logistics industry continues to enjoy above average growth. By expanding their service offerings both upstream and downstream, transportation companies and logistics service providers are also becoming masters of their supply chain, both forward and backward.

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