Our Services

  • Understand Customer Needs

    – The basic start point for our consultancy services is to clearly understand our customer needs and the background of the client organization. Such understanding will enable our team to choose the right path for providing the service.

    – This is conducted through the initial meeting with the client where all technical aspects are discussed.

  • Study & Analysis of the Problem Sysmptoms

    – “Profit™ Consultancy” team use the gathered information from the initial meeting to prepare a preliminary study of the client requirements where problem symptoms are analyzed and evaluated
    – The results of the preliminary study will determine the proper approach to be used in providing the service
    – The preliminary study and analysis are discussed with the client before any further steps.

  • Collecting & analyzing Information

    – According to the outcome of step 2, further surveys are conducted by the consultancy team to build the main frame for the deliverables.
    – This requires continuous interacting between “Profit™ Consultancy” consultant and the Client team.
    – Regular updates will be provided to the client during the field work to assure the commitment to the time plan and to overcome any obstacle in the process (troubleshooting).

  • Study Consequence & Recemmendation

    – In this stage, the consultancy team drafts the final report of the required service and forwards it for “Profit™ Consultancy” quality team for revision.

    – The final report is discussed with the client to reach a mutual approval on the product
    – All Client recommendations are considered before the finalization of the process.

  • Technical support & Training

    – After the production phase is complete, the designated client employees receive the proper training on the product to assure the success of the process.

    – “Profit™ Consultancy” team provides the technical support to the project in all phases even after the finalization of the contractual relation.

  • Pilot & Evaluation

    – As part of the service provided, a sample of inputs/outputs will be tested to confirm the desired results.
    – At the end of the test a full evaluation is conducted by both “PROFIT CONSULTANCY” quality team and the Client coordinators to highlight any deviations.

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