About Company

Profit™ Consultancy has an exceptional touch of quality, professionalism and devotion. Our key achievements rely on our ability to understand client’s line of business and help them in selecting one of our professional consultants to achieve their defined goals.

The current team posses an excess of 60 years individually of experience in their respective field.

Who we are?

Profit™ Consultancy is an organization of highly experienced consultants who devoted themselves to contribute to the world of management through globally best practices.

Profit™ Consultancy offers quality management consultancy services for the customers to enable them transforming their strategies into value added actions and practices that lead to performance excellence. We jointly work with our partners to build people capacity and develop talent for making the difference


Our main objective is to partnership with each of our customers in collaborative initiatives successfully achieve their strategic and operational objectives and steering them on the road towards performance excellence


To be a global centre of excellence by providing value added consultancy services and exceeding customer expectations


We aim to be the number one solutions provider in each niche sector we service, through integrity, competence, innovation and execution. Commitment to our customers, employees and partners is the foundation of our mission


Profit™ Consultancy team interacts internally and externally based on the Group business notions and values.
• Trust
• Team spirit and collaboration
• Integrity and accountability
• Reliability and Experience Creativity and innovation
• Quality customer service


Provide integrated management solutions to our customers. Meet the diversified needs and requirements of the government and for profit sectors Enable organizations to enhance their strategic & operational performance Deliver superior consultancy and assessment services to our customers. Offer quality training to enable organizations to excel their performance. Build people capacities and contribute to nationalization initiatives


Our customers are our partners and one of the main reasons for our success. Some of the entities that used our expertise are:
• Abu Dhabi Music and Festival Foundation - UAE
• Emirates Western Oil Well Drilling & Maintenance Co. LLC
• Mansour Group Egypt
• KIA Motors – KSA
• Ministry of Finance – UAE
• Alwan Alkhaleej Decoration Co, LLC
• Age holing Group, UAE
• Jumbo Plastic Industry LLC
• Chef Laziz Restaurant
• Shabeeh Al Reeh Holding Group • Auto Spa Co. LLC

Why You Should Use Profit?

• When comparing our capabilities and proposed solutions to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing “Profit™ Consultancy” are
– Receiving high level of improvement in the current business model.
– Receiving Reliable service with lower implementation cost – Accomplishing objective in the targeted stretched time frame,

• In addition, “Profit™ Consultancy” is one of the few companies in the market who provides continuous monitoring of the project even after the service is delivered and the contractual relation is closed.

• One of our privileges is using a diverse team of expertise who has the international and local experience and knowledge to implement the service with the highest level of quality.

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